Welcome to Wallace Barkley Auto Sales | Used car sales in North River NS

We are a small dealership with a big heart. Our goal is to change the stigma attached to the used car business. We plan to do this through our consistent business model, honest business ethics, pricing with integrity and helping someone when they are down and out. Not only am I the owner of Wallace & Barkley but personally have been in a bad spot with my own credit, I ve dealt with businesses that truly wanted to help me out and it impacted my life enough to strive to be one of them.

We started our business in a barn, for real. A lot of people do not realize what our horse stands for. When the initial idea of opening a business was put into a plan of action it was decided we would try with what we had and that was access to a barn. Myself and Debbie Lewis started our day with feeding chickens and spreading hay for the horses. We grew rather quickly, within months it was becoming clear that we needed to move our operation to something a little more professional then a horse barn (although I do miss those days.) The initial business was between myself and a great guy named Ron Wallace. He built our current Truro location with his own two hands at the age of 70. I attribute a lot of my business work ethic to Mr Wallace. He taught me that if you really want something to work you have to get in there with your own two hands and work it your self. To this day our business runs with myself and Debbie as active employees. We are both extremely involved in every aspect of the business.

We have recently opened our SECOND location, this has been a exciting but scary experience. We truly hope our business model will work for the Dartmouth location.